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Our Staff

Committed to logistics and quality deliveries? Interested in joining the Waypoint team? Find out more about becoming a Waypoint employee or independent contractor.

Andrew I.
Andrew I.Manager Constant Quality Improvement (CQI)
Team leader for CQI Staff and Training Medical, Industrial and Professional
Mark I.
Mark I.Logistics Specialist
Industrial and Professional Accounts
Tony G.
Tony G.Logistics Specialist
Industrial and Professional Accounts
Cameron C.
Cameron C.Logistics Specialist
Medical Accounts
Augustine G.
Augustine G.Logistics Specialist
Key Medical Accounts
Chris C.
Chris C.Training Specialist (CQI) Constant Quality Improvement
Training and Education Lead for Medical, Professional and Industrial Teams
Pam C.
Pam C.Constant Quality Improvement (CQI) Analyst
Medical Acounts